FYSIK™ designs and crafts timeless collections of classic and contemporary gym equipment and accessories.


Founded in Bangkok in 2015, by husband and wife Henrik & Amm, FYSIK™ was born to bring their visionary concept of merging design with gym equipment - creating beautiful pieces of functional art that helps transform spaces.


Made from classic materials such as stainless steel, genuine leather and solid wood - gym equipment from FYSIK™ blurs the lines between design and art and unites function and form in unprecedented ways, giving each piece significant presence and purpose. 


We are guided by the philosophy that a single piece of equipment from FYSIK™ can beautify an entire room – and heighten the well-being of the people who inhabit these spaces. 




"The voice of past cultures inspires our future"

Fysik [fɪˈziːk] is the Swedish spelling for "physique", derived from the adjective "natural" and the noun "nature" with . Our name and its simplistic spelling, capture our Scandinavian provenance and reflect the design of our creations – with keen regard for aesthetics and functionality blended with natural, timeless materials.


‘When nature collides with human ingenuity, life starts anew’ 


In a world that relies mainly on automated production processes and mass consumption, it is unique to see things made with the dexterity of human hands.


Our artisans are diligent local craftsmen who take pride in their work. We maintain the design and crafting process closely connected to what represents our heritage.