FYSIK was founded in 2015 by Henrik, who hail from Sweden, along with wife Amm, a native of Thailand. Together, they set out on a quest to unify their passion for health and design by creating fitness equipment that are both beautiful to look at and functional to use. 

"With a synergy between unconventional material choices, we are committed to celebrate local craftsmanship and create quality items that embody a sense of beauty and represent a lifestyle of movement.  

When the worlds of fitness and design collide, we end up with objects that have character, scent, texture and feel to proudly fit into the lives of those who share our dreams”      

/Henrik & Amm



The voice of past cultures inspires our future.

FYSIK, the Swedish word for “physique”, means nature in motion. Our name and its simplistic spelling capture our Scandinavian provenance and reflect the design of our creations with keen regard for aesthetics and functionality to convey style like no other.

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FYSIK is a Bangkok based brand with roots from Sweden, founded by husband and wife Henrik and Amm. 

Made to merge fitness with design by using classic materials such as stainless steel, genuine leather and reclaimed teak wood while celebrating local craftsmanship. 

Our vision is to create timeless gym equipment that reflects your values and can be proudly showcased in your home. 


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